The process that the Task Force uses to deliver effective prevention strategies relies heavily on coordinating services with other Lake County agencies and organizations. The Lake County Chiefs of Police Association has a vast membership that includes the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, Municipal, State and Federal law enforcement agencies, Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group, the Lake County State’s Attorneys Office, Lake County Crime Stoppers, the College of Lake County, 19th Judicial Court Judges, and corporate & private security firms. The Lake County Municipal League serves as a vehicle for member municipalities to take joint action on matters affecting the Lake County area through legislative action, information sharing and networking. These two organizations provide the Task Force avenues of communication to advance local policies to reduce youth substance use.

The members of the Task Force include local community coalitions that are addressing youth substance use in their community. Local coalition representation is critical as the Task Force strives to advance environmental strategies that impact the entire county. Coordinating with existing community coalitions provides networking and collaborative opportunities for the Task Force.

The Task Force coordinated with Lake County agencies, businesses and organizations to develop a publication about underage drinking. Strong partnerships with local media outlets provided an opportunity for the Task Force to print and distribute this publication to over 100,000 households in Lake County. Task Force members distributed this publication to over 50,000 residents via community libraries, township offices, schools, police departments and courts. Collaboration with these community structures was critical to message delivery.

Many of the Task Force members are community leaders (police chiefs, hospital coordinators, school administrators) and are connected to existing community and state agencies, organizations, and services. This is significant because youth substance use does not only effect youth in certain communities or selected economic groups or particular ethnicity. Youth substance use impacts many, so many must be included in an effective solution.



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